15 February 2010

DILAS Develop Compact, High-Efficiency, 100um Fiber-Coupled Module

ES Technology Limited, the United Kingdom distributor for the comprehensive range of DILAS diode laser components, has announced the development by DILAS of a high brightness, conduction-cooled fiber-coupled diode laser module.

This latest development is based on diode laser bars that provide up to 40 watts output power from a 100-micron fiber core, at a wavelength of 976nm and with a numerical aperture of <0.22. This new module will ensure high power, brightness and power efficiency, with wall-plug efficiency of greater than 40% at operating current being achieved by DILAS during testing.

The electrically isolated single-bar package has a small footprint which is a key feature in this product’s architecture, measuring just 70mm x 30mm x 17mm (L x W x H). The laser power from this fiber-coupled module is delivered via a non-detachable fiber core which is terminated with a standard SMA 905 connector or cleaved fiber end.

With excellent heat removal by direct thermal contact, this industrial package is ideally suited to a broad spectrum of applications ranging from fiber laser pumping to micro-materials processing and medical.

Although this product will be officially released in Q3 of this year, after going through DILAS’ release process to ensure highest quality and reliability, the new 100µm fiber coupled module is currently available by special order.

In addition to the distribution of DILAS laser products and other electro optic components, ES Technology Limited also provides sub-contract laser marking services, after sales service and parts, sales and service for ULS flatbed CO2 lasers and the design and manufacture of laser marking systems. The company is also the United Kingdom and Ireland distributor for Concept Laser GmbH and their range of LaserCUSING® systems. The addition of this new DILAS product will further enhance the portfolio of laser related products and services available from the company.

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