23 February 2010

SEi news

SEI laser, with its technical background and its over thirty year hard work and presence on the market offers the best guarantees and best suited solutions to all your current and future needs.
Thanks to its DNA, nowadays SEI laser is on the world’s short list of leading laser system manufacturers .

The company‘s strategy can briefly be summed up by the sentence : any application has a possible laser alternative.

SEI calls this challenge : the laser way.Unlike conventional die –cutting, laser cutting requires no physical tools to contact the material.

As a result, laser cutting / kiss cutting can create fine and intricate patterns. Another advantage, besides contact vs. non-contact , is that laser wins out over die-limited shapes , without mentioning the fact that dies are efficient for large production batches but they are not for fast, turnaround, small quantities or JIT. Another asset of laser over die-cutting is that the set up time is theoretically nil.

How Laser Converting differs from Die cutting

  • Does not weaken stock between cuts
  • Limited system set-up time profitable for short runs and prototyping
  • Detail does not affect cost
  • Tight and consistent registration
  • Eliminates die-cut scrap and contact-free process allows for tighter nesting
  • Low tooling costs for procurement, repair and storage compared to intricate dies

The full digital process means higher quality, flexibility, precision and lower cost per unit in case of small production. Bearing this in mind, SEI laser converting launches LABEL Master on the Digital label production market.

SEI Laser converting, the new company of SEI laser group, a well known worldwide leading manufacturer of laser cutting and marking systems, intends to penetrate the label market, hitting at the top rank with the new Label Master, the most complete digital die cutting and finishing label system. Label Master is just the first in a basket of products based on Laser technology produced by the new SEI Laser Converting R&D department. Thanks to its modular concept, it is the most complete and professional system for cutting and finishing labels.

Label Master has, just to name a few, the following highlights:

  1. Flexo-coating unit for the final protection of printed labels even for digital printing;
  2. Hot gold stamping based on semi-rotary cylinder for a foil -saving and waste reduction;
  3. Inspection and control unit;
  4. Quick change of bobbin in process;
  5. Fume extraction and particle filtration for the fumes generated during laser processing;

Label Master has been designed to laser process standard roll materials selected by converters in packaging and labeling markets such as: paper, polyethylene (PE), PET, PP, special supports designed for labels ad TNT or many others.

The new label Master (LM) disposes of two basic models , LM135W and LM 230W, they differ from each other in the number of laser stations and the laser power sources assembled on the laser processing station or module.

Both LM models are manufactured with independent laser units digitally controlled by the main controller of the whole system.

The use of the single or twin head solution is dictated by the end-user’s needs for production speed or for a flexible production process.

The laser systems built in the Label Master units are the latest generation of laser marking systems designed and produced by SEI. They are based on the proprietary 3 axis Galvo heads. A perfect positioning control along with the control of laser power and energy is at the basis of its perfect label cutting . it also prevents charring edges and corners.

Even high quality wine labels can be produced with accurate details hence finding favor with the most demanding customers.

There is an unmistakable enthusiasm at SEI. An energy that arises from a passion for helping our clients build stronger relationships with their customers through products and applications. Every day, we help our clients develop concepts that are being done for the first time. There's a real level of adventure in that sort of collaboration.

We bring our enthusiasm and ideas to your creative process. We also bring you our unique systems and expertise.

Our customers are often amazed at the edge quality and intricacy that we can achieve in a variety of materials including acrylic, paper, fabric and many others. It is the result of years of experience, teamwork and pride.

We have a variety of laser systems to achieve the results you need, as well as services around the world to provide you with complete support for your next innovation.

With this spirit we are proud to present to you today our latest development for the Label Converting Industry.

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