25 February 2010

Laser Mechanisms' 1.25 Series; Small Size, Big Performance For Compact Laser Applications

Specifically designed for today's smaller CO2 and Fiber Lasers, Laser Mechanisms' 1.25 Series offers exceptional value while delivering uncompromising performance.

1.25 Series components have a clear aperture up to 19 mm, work with resonators from 0-250 watts, and can transmit a variety of wavelengths. Various laser mounts are also available to interface 1.25 Series components to the resonator of the user's choice. The 1.25 Series product line includes articulated arms, mounting systems, beam benders, diode pointers, vernier adjust spacers, gas jet manifolds, precision vertical slides, beam path tubes, collimators, beam splitters and combiners, viewing systems, polarizers, feedback isolators, x-y adjust spacers and various targets and accessories.

"While our 1.25 Series components may be small in stature, they are still designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as our full-size components," said Laser Mechanisms' Managing Director Mark Taggart. "We believe the 1.25 Series delivers a level of performance, reliability and ease of installation that's unmatched in their class," added Taggart.

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