25 February 2010

It's all about productivity

The latest software release for the TruBend Series 5000 press brakes has the potential to reduce piece part costs significantly. A video on the company’s website shows this clearly.

On a split screen, a box part measuring 1000 x 600 x 1.5mm is produced simultaneously on a TruBend running the new TASC 6000 v 6.0 software and also its forerunner, v 5.2. Both screens show the operator making ten bends at three stations but the new software allows him to complete the task 24% quicker. Instead of taking 2 minutes 8 seconds it takes just 1 minute 36 seconds.

Several features contribute to this performance. An automatic step control allows the back gauge finger to move automatically in a raised position and with maximum speed to the programmed position. The back gauge also moves in parallel with the press beam to reduce cycle time and increase productivity.

Additionally press beam travel and adjustment for crowning now happen simultaneously and the BendGuard safety system works uninterrupted in box mode. The box height is pre-programmed and the press beam is therefore able to get into position at speed. The new software also provides operation data recording for production control, maintenance planning and cost analysis. To view video click here.

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