18 March 2010

New Adige LT8 Tube Laser for Hutchinson Engineering

Hutchinson Engineering has made a £800,000 investment in a state of the art Tube laser machine – An Adige LT8 Tube and Section Laser. This is only the second of its kind to be installed in the UK, and will process box, pipe, angle and channel with a 3-D head. This machine brings with it a new dimension in laser-cutting –with endless possibilities in terms of fabrication techniques and processes. Mark Hutchinson, Managing Director commented ‘this machine has the potential to transform fabrication techniques, bringing a new dimension to issues such as putting holes and profiles in sections’.

Hutchinson Engineering, which operates a 25,000sq ft plant on a two acre site outside Kilrea, Northern Ireland, was established in 1971. It currently employs over 40 members of staff.

Traditionally the company was agriculturally orientated; however In 1996 Hutchinson Engineering turned its attention to the industrial sub-contract market. They now have a large customer base serving the transport, Agricultural, and Construction industry.

Many of their customers are involved in the waste recycling sector, and it is hoped that by utilising the new tube laser, there will be substantial savings in terms of labour as new methods of fabrication can be utilised.

The LT8 can process box section up to 200 x 200 and pipe up to 220mm diameter with a loading length of 8500mm.

Initially there will be 2 new jobs created, with the prospect of an additional 2 within the next 24 months.

Along side this new investment, Hutchinson Engineering have 2no flat bed lasers, capable of processing up to 4000 x 2000 x 20mm material as well as folding capacity of 4000mm x 10mm.

Hutchinson Engineering is hoping that the move will strengthen its position as one of Northern Ireland’s leading subcontract manufacturing companies. Tube Laser cutting is a new addition to 3D design service (H360), Sheet metal laser cutting, Folding, fabrication, and Finishing.

H360 is a sister company of Hutchinson, specialising in design using 3d packages such as solid works. ‘we now have the facilities to take a problem, design a solution and manufacture a prototype.

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