22 March 2010

Cost Effective CO2 Laser Machining Optics

For reasonably priced replacement CO2 laser optics available on a quick delivery look no further than Rocky Mountain Instruments (RMI), available in the UK from Lambda Photometrics Ltd.

RMI manufacture a full range of CO2 laser optics including plano-convex lenses, meniscus lenses, high power mirrors and phase retarders.

  • Designed for maximum durability
  • Highest damage thresholds at 10.6µm
  • Long lifetimes
  • ZnSe absorption <0.11% (lower than any competitor)
  • Local support, low cost and quick delivery

We have directly equivalent replacement optics for II-VI, Ophir, Amada, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Laserdyne/Prima, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Strippit LVD, Trumpf and others.

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In today’s high production efficiency and throughput environment, machine downtime is a serious problem. We aim to work with you to provide high quality and cost effective replacement optics on a quick timescale, ensuring your profits are maximised.

You may also be interested in the following CO2 laser accessories available from Lambda Photometrics:

CO2 laser power measurement solutions from Gentec-EO

CO2 laser safety eyewear from NoIR

Please contact us to discuss your application and request a quotation.

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