24 March 2010

Bystronic UK with new headquarters

Customer proximity is Bystronic UK’s motto. Hence the central services, such as the supply of tools and spare parts, the Hotline, the training and the machine demonstrations, have all been concentrated at the company’s new headquarters in Coventry. The customers benefit from fast reaction times.

Attended by over 100 customers, on the 17 March of this year Bystronic UK Ltd with the assistance of Mr Bob Hunt President of the Manufacturing Technologies Association officially opened its new, imposing headquarters building in Coventry in the English county of West Midlands. Thus the Swiss Bystronic Group, which worldwide belongs to the leading manufacturers of laser and waterjet cutting systems and pressbrakes, has opened a new chapter in its business in the United Kingdom.

“One aspect of the Bystronic strategy is to provide first class customer service”, according to David Larcombe, Managing Director of Bystronic UK Ltd. A part of this service is that the Bystronic Service Technicians and the Sales Staff, as well as the central services such as the supply of tools and spare parts, the Hotline, the training and the machine demonstrations, should be located in the immediate vicinity of the users. “At our new headquarters in Coventry we are on average considerably nearer to our customers than in the past”, is how David Larcombe explains the decisive argument for the move to the Midlands. This means that around 90 percent of all existing and potential customers can be reached by car from Coventry in approximately two hours, which will have a positive effect in particular on the supplying of tools and spare parts.

The two previous subsidiaries of Bystronic UK, in Leeds and Chard (Somerset), were closed down at the beginning of the year. This means that in future the fine tuning between the two organizations will no longer be necessary, which overall will lead to a further simplification and speeding up of the customer services, with on average shorter reaction times when responding to customer queries. Also gratifying from the customers’ point of view is that a large part of the existing Bystronic workforce was willing to follow their employer to Coventry so that the previous direct-contact partners have been maintained. This is in particular the case for the densely networked field service, in which virtually no personnel changes resulted.

The new premises allow, on a total floor space of more than 2200 square meters, the running of an excellent and comprehensive customer service. Whereby an area of 560 square meters yards are available alone for the well-stocked tools and spare parts warehouse, and a further 1000 square meters for the demonstration and training area. Here there is an extremely wide assortment of systems from the three product groups laser cutting, waterjet cutting and bending, as well as modern computer workplaces at which customers are trained in the use of the Bystronic Bysoft CAD/CAM software.

“With the concentration of the central services in Coventry we have shown that even during an economic crisis there are opportunities to improve the service and hence strengthen both one’s own competitiveness as well as that of the customers”, explains David Larcombe.

In addition to the opening of the new premises, Bystronic UK had another reason to celebrate, namely the 100th birthday of the tradition-steeped English engineering company F.J. Edwards, which later became Edwards Pearson Ltd and in 2002 was taken over by Bystronic. “We are proud that we have been able to keep alive the values of F.J. Edwards, namely outstanding products and exemplary customer service, and we look forward with pleasure to the continued cooperation with all our existing and future customers”, confesses David Larcombe. Bystronic UK is responsible for the sale of the complete range of Bystronic products as well as for the corresponding service in Great Britain and Ireland.

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