13 April 2010

laserDESK® ? Laser Material Processing Software by SCANLAB

At Photonics West 2010, SCANLAB has introduced its first Laser Material Processing Software.
laserDESK® is the first program to support all capabilities of the RTC®5 controller board and fully utilize the vast potential of iDRIVE® technology – SCANLAB’s new control and servo concept.

Why is laserDESK® with the RTC®5 superior to conventional solutions?

  • 20-bit position signals
  • 24-bit virtual image field for layout positioning when processing on the fly
  • dynamic memory management of the 1 MB buffer
  • simple-to-use I/O communication interface for a PLC
  • integrated laser control with error monitoring that requires no additional hardware
  • ability to query multiple status information in real timeetc.

Naturally, laserDESK® also delivers every standard feature expected of a professional laser-processing program, such as: a user-friendly GUI, unrestricted access to all object parameters, 1D and 2D barcodes, diverse import filters for bitmap or vector graphics.

This software package is the direct beneficiary of SCANLAB’s years of experience developing and manufacturing scan systems and serving the laser material processing industry. The program is suitable for controlling all SCANLAB scan systems and typical laser types with the RTC®5 via the SL2-100 or XY2-100 protocol. laserDESK® is a multi-faceted program that offers absolute flexibility to users.

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