14 April 2010

MSS Lasers launches its new Rugby showroom for CNC lasers and nitrogen generators

MSS Lasers new 16,000 sq ft Rugby showroom doubles its capacity and is preparing for the economic upturn, when it anticipates that demand for its refurbished lasers and new nitrogen generation plants will soar.

Working in collaboration with Advantage West Midlands, MSS Lasers will be creating new jobs and increasing the technical expertise it can offer, and is aiming at 100% growth over the next 3-5 years. Neil Jackson, General Manager at MSS Lasers says, “There will be a shortage of good quality machinery once the recession ends, so increasing our capacity now will put us in a good position to service the anticipated demand.”

The new facility will be dedicated to the final preparation stages of laser refurbishment, and to the assembly and testing of nitrogen generators, enabling customers to see a range of fully operational equipment. MSS Lasers has extensive experience in laser cutting and nitrogen generation, so it can offer clients impartial advice on their choice of machinery. Neil Jackson adds, “We will typically have eight laser machines refurbished to ‘as new’ condition on demonstration at any one time, from different manufacturers, and three brand new nitrogen generation plants. That way, we can recommend the most appropriate make and model of laser for each customer’s application.” Factors include footprint, power, bed size, the types of job to be cut, running costs, budget and the individual characteristics of each make of machine.

With five field engineers, MSS Lasers is the largest independent provider of laser cutting service, repair and maintenance in the UK. Its professional levels of backup give customers confidence in its expertise, and the quality of the refurbished machines it supplies. The new showroom takes the client’s perception to a new level, with a dedicated training area as well as demonstration, try out and testing facilities. Neil Jackson says, “Our aim is to provide a centre of excellence for lasers, and to give customers the type of experience they would normally only get when buying a new machine, but with the added advantages of purchasing used. This allows them to acquire a CNC laser cutter at the fraction of the cost of a comparable new one.”

MSS Lasers sizes the nitrogen generation plants it manufactures to suit each individual client. Starting with its entry level Econogen system, companies spending as little as £1000 per month on delivered nitrogen can profitably switch to nitrogen generation. Currently, over 100 CNC laser machines are operating with MSS nitrogen generators in the UK, which has enabled the company to build on its expertise in this specialised field. Key factors in customer’s requirements include the purity and pressure of the gas and the flow rates. All these factors are considered, so that the generator can meet the demands of shift patterns, peaks in demand, anticipated expansion and the requirements of particular components.

Nitrogen generators work by extracting the gas from the surrounding air, so the technology produces some major operational and ecological benefits. Handling of heavy gas cylinders is eliminated, as are the logistical problems of maintaining a constant stock of gas. Furthermore, savings in road freight and the removal of the need for energy-hungry low temperature gas extraction methods cut down the end users carbon footprint.

Payback on nitrogen generation can be rapid, with an immediate saving in the cost of gas. Once the capital cost has been repaid, the savings are substantial, with cost of gas generation becoming negligible, significantly adding to profit levels. To make the technology even more attractive, MSS Lasers is offering a free trial to new customers (subject to conditions), together with rental options to make acquisition as easy as possible.

Neil Jackson concludes, “We are very proud of our new showroom, which demonstrates our belief in the role of UK industry and its expansion. We are setting new standards in the pre and post sales expertise we offer, so that companies can buy from us with absolute confidence and make a real difference to the profitability of their own businesses.”

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