15 April 2010

Aerotech - U500 last chance ordering






The extremely popular U500 motion control and laser syncing (PSO) PC card which has been serving the laser industry for over 15 years will be withdrawn from Aerotech’s product range this month. Some of the components are becoming extremely difficult to source. We are advising customers to contact Aerotech with respect to covering themselves for spares on U500 cards and DR drive racks.

Customer wishing to upgrade their U500’s to the latest A3200 controller can take advantage of the NSERVO upgrade pricing which allows existing drive amplifiers and cabling to be maintained. There may be some implications on PC hardware and software.

Dr Cliff Jolliffe
Managing Director
Aerotech Limited
2-3 Jupiter House
Calleva Park, Aldermaston
Berks RG7 8NN
Tel: +44 118 9409400, Fax: +44 118 9409401

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