21 April 2010

High Q Laser presents the new picoTRAINTM platform, high-power picosecond oscillators with wavelengths in UV, Green and IR delivering output powers of up to 50 W

Picosecond mode-locked lasers with direct diode pumping have been proving their application in scientific and industrial markets in recent years. Especially the use in industrial environments increased the need of picosecond lasers showing high stability and reliability. An answer to these demands are High Q Laser's picosecond oscillators – the picoTRAINTM platform - delivering a wide range of specifications based on a unique modular setup.

Depending on the customers needs, the picoTRAINTM can be individually configured by choosing performance modules where all configuration possibilities begin using a basic oscillator, the picoTRAINTM IC-10000. The picoTRAINTM IC-10000 is delivering pulse trains of 7.5 ps length and 10 W output power at a wavelength of 1064 nm. Starting with the basic oscillator the laser sources can be extended or field-upgraded with four different external modules, which can be attached to the basic oscillator giving the complete picoTRAINTM platform:

  • The power of the picoTRAINTM can be increased up to 50 W @ 1064 nm by applying the power amplifier module. The external power amplifier module is simply attached to the laser exit of the basic oscillator.
  • Combined with the pulse picker module the 50 W ps-laser now delivers pulses with an energy of up to 10 µJ, controllable by an external TTL signal enabling single pulses or pulse bursts up to a maximum repetition rate of 80 MHz.
  • The Green module is offering visible ps laser radiation with 20 W @ 532 nm.
  • The harmonics module offers an additional wavelength in the UV at 355 nm with an output power of up to 10 W. The power distribution of all wavelengths is controlled continuously by an internal remote controlled motorized variable beam splitter.

The picoTRAINTM platform is based on High Q Lasers Industrial Compatible housings and features a very compact design and small footprint. The housing is machined from a massive piece of aluminium and is forming a heavy Monolithic Aluminium case leading to low vibration coupling. The laser resonator comprises industrial mirror mounts, which are optimized by finite element methods and show no degrees of freedom. A recirculation cooling circuit through the massive ground plate is giving thermal stabilization of the housing. The lasers are completely manufactured in clean room environment and are sealed off. All those techniques result in an exceptional spatial and temporal stability of the laser output beam.

High Q Laser utilizes the URDM (User Replaceable Diode Module) technology for direct diode pumping. The diodes are operating with “de-rated” nominal pump current for longest MTBF. The semiconductor saturable Bragg reflector assures passive and self-starting mode locking for high temporal stability.

Customer Benefits:
The modular setup of the picoTRAINTM enables a fast service in the field and gives the customer the opportunity of an easy upgrade of an existing system.

Furthermore the customer benefits from the user friendliness and the true turnkey behaviour of the picoTRAINTM. The system is including a recirculation chiller. All functions and relevant parameters of the laser system are USB remote controlled which is important for commercial system integrators.

picoTRAINTM platform
Output power: up to 50 W
Wavelengths: 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm
Pulse duration: 7.5 ps
Repetition rate: single pulses, bursts, up to 80 MHz, TTL trig.

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