13 May 2010

Air Liquide?s new LASAL range of laser gases to support MACH 2010 exhibitors

Air Liquide, the worlds leading supplier of industrial gases, recently launched the Group’s LASAL range of laser gases and equipment into the UK market. The move represents the next step in Air Liquide’s ongoing product range expansion for the UK industrial gas market.

As a further sign of their ongoing commitment to the UK industrial gas marketplace, Air Liquide have once again been confirmed as the sole supplier of industrial gases to MACH 2010. This will be the second occasion in succession that the organisers have selected Air Liquide to support the gas needs of the UK’s premier manufacturing technologies event.

The LASAL range of laser cutting and welding solutions includes gases for every laser application. The choice of gas will impact on laser reliability, output power and the lifespan of laser optics. With this as a starting point, all LASAL gases have been developed by Air Liquide R&D centres according to laser manufacturer requirements to ensure peak laser performance. Gas purity is the critical factor in achieving this and all LASAL gases are strictly controlled to minimise impurities such as moisture and hydrocarbons which can reduce laser performance.

Recognising that a high purity gas is only half the solution, the LASAL range of gases is supported by a full range of high purity regulators and equipment intended to maintain gas quality all the way to the point of use. For added integrity and ease of use Air Liquide offer a gas pipeline installation service covering both high flow assist gas requirements and high purity lasing gas needs.

The new range of gases will be available throughout the UK, supported by Air Liquide’s enhanced network of cylinder filling and distribution centres. Please contact Brandon or Neale on 01675 462424 or email them at the address below.

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