17 May 2010

Training Programs Announced For Laserdyne Systems

Laserdyne Systems announced a new training series for the line of Laserdyne Multi-axis laser systems including the Laserdyne 795, 790, 780, 890, 550, 450 and 430 Systems. The training programs are entitled “Empowering Laserdyne Users to Go Beyond Others”, and designed to expand their knowledge, creativity and efficiency for operating the Laserdyne systems more competitively.

“We’ve gained a wealth of knowledge in our engineering, applications, development and programming groups over the past 30 years and want to bring this to users world-wide”, stated Terry VanderWert, President of Prima North America. “Laserdyne has always provided customer system training, but system operators come and go, and the knowledge is not always transferred efficiently. Operators can become stagnate and not take advantage of new software and hardware. Furthermore, they may not be aware of emerging applications and the latest laser processing techniques.”

The Laserdyne Empower Training Programs are designed to increase user productivity and keep system operators up-to-date, and optimize system production made possible by faster setups, more robust processes, and more efficient implementation of programming and system maintenance.
The Laserdyne Empower Training Programs are available in the following curriculums: 1) Laser Applications, Beginner and Advanced, 2) System Programming, Beginner and Advanced, 3) Laser Maintenance, and 4) Motion System Maintenance. The training programs are two days long for each and available for users on site worldwide or available at the Laserdyne facility in Champlin, Minnesota.

Laserdyne is offering a 35% discount for all seminars during 2010 and additionally offering multi-attendee discounts.

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