7 June 2010

Laser design with ?flair?

London-based Midaz lasers Ltd is introducing the FLAIR-13 which sets new performance levels with its 13 Watts of IR average power at 100kHz. Pulse repetition rate can reach 500kHz and with extremely short pulse durations. The linearly polarised beam enables this laser design to be easily adapted for Green and UV wavelengths.

FLAIR-13’s performance is unmatched by other DPSS lasers and especially for pulse durations which can be as short as 8ns at 30kHz. Compared to most pulsed fibre lasers FLAIR delivers very short pulses at all repetition rates and with superior beam quality.

Midaz believes that FLAIR-13 will not only replace existing sources in laser marking systems but also help to create new applications which require best quality marking and micromachining with high throughput.

Systems integration is simplified because of FLAIR’s compact size (22cm long, 2.0kg weight) and modular design approach. Air cooling makes this laser a cost competitive solution without the need for a water chiller.

The Company welcomes enquiries from laser marking systems manufacturers and other laser users with applications in mind.

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