23 June 2010

Highly stable and energy efficent plasma power supply

Reproducible process results, at high productivity levels, are provided by the new frequency power supply for plasma excitation from Trumpf Hüttinger. With its robust design and high energy conservation efficiency of more than 80%, the new TruPlasma RF1003 has primarily been introduced to optimise semiconductor manufacturing applications.

The TruPlasma RF1003 provides an output power range of 1 – 3000W, operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. For demanding coating and etching processes, it delivers the required power at the highest accuracy and with utmost reliability. It is also eminently suited to providing the best productivity results in solar cell production. Indeed, wherever RF power is required for demanding film deposition and surface treatment processes, the TruPlasma RF1003 is a good solution.

Several new developments have contributed to the performance of this latest generation of power supply from Trumpf Hüttinger. The company’s new CombineLine technology, on which patents are pending, provides true 50 Ohm output impedance. In the case of a mismatch, any critically high level of reflected RF power is internally absorbed without any risk of damage to the generator.

CombineLine creates stable plasma conditions for optimum process results. It also ensures that the power supply can deliver an optimal level of process power into the plasma with a wide range of varying impedance. This yields the best process stability across the complete power range, allowing high productivity without the risk of increased downtime.

A new power control feature allows the TruPlasma RF1003 to operate with uniform accuracy and continuous output power across the power range. Each process is therefore supplied with the exact power it needs, a factor that is particularly beneficial in the lower range.

The 80%+ energy conversion rating of the TruPlasma RF1003 means that in addition to being characterised by high performance the system also has exceptionally low running costs. Indeed in recognition of its excellent energy efficiency this system has recently won a German environmental engineering award.

Completing the new power supply’s list of attributes is its compact design. In its power class it has one of the smallest footprints on the market. And thanks to the stability of the TruPlasma RF1003, any length of cable can be used to connect it, providing greater OEM design flexibility.

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