16 July 2010

JK Lasers enhanced Nd:YAG Laser Range

Designed for industrial processing these lasers are ideal for small medical applications, electronics and automotive components. The JK80PS and JK150PS combine higher peak powers with improved beam quality for increased flexibility and maximised process control for faster, more precise welding and fine cutting applications.

Fiber sizes down to 100μm and peak powers up to 5kW enable class leading peak power densities to be achieved at smaller feature sizes than previously possible. The JK80PS allows peak powers of up to 3kW to be delivered via a 100μm fibre and the JK150PS enables 5kW to be delivered via a 150μm fibre. All fibres are equipped with JK LuminatorTM Plug-In, Pre-Aligned (PIPA) technology with integral back reflection protection and Fiber Continuity Monitoring System (FCMS) built in for enhanced safety. All lasers have high levels of pulse to pulse stability down to ±0.5% and include elements such as Pulse On Demand (POD) and the feature rich JK LaserViewTM software suite. These lasers are also ideal for scanner based delivery systems as LaserViewTM includes integral scanner control software specifically designed for welding and cutting applications.

These new additions also include the unique features associated with the JK Laser brand, such as their patented LuminatorTM fiber optic beam delivery with back reflection protection; pulse shaping capabilities for tighter process control; faster shutter interface for quicker response on parameter changes and more precise timing in time-share mode; and fully integrated time and energy shares for faster switching and reduced maintenance costs.

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