12 August 2010

Sized up laser cutting

Trumpf has developed a 2D laser machine for the processing of extra large sheets, up to 16 x 2.5m.

Based on its twin-headed TruLaser 7040, the TruLaser 8000 comes with a range of options. In addition to the 4 x 2.5m pallet changer a special large sheet version is available that allows for parallel loading and unloading of sheets up to 12m long during production.

The user also has the choice of laser output. Two TruFlow models may be specified. The 3.6kW laser is designed for thin and medium sheet thickness whilst the 6kW version accommodates all sheet thicknesses and provides the highest level of productivity in fusion cutting. Indeed the TruLaser 8000 can be equipped with two lasers for simultaneous cutting. As well as doubling productivity this option also saves on factory floor space.

Several specially developed processing strategies ensure the high process quality of the oversized sheets. For example, the TruLaser 8000 has the ability to control the internal stress of material so that material up to 16m in length can be cut without offset steps.

High resolution, direct measurement systems in all axes guarantee outstanding parts precision. An intelligent process monitoring system and highly dynamic linear drives contribute greatly to the machine’s overall efficiency.

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