13 August 2010

Lasermet LS-20High Integrity Laser Beam Shutter

The Lasermet LS-20 Safety Shutter is intended to provide a means of preventing accidental exposure to a potentially harmful laser beams. It has been designed to form part of a high-integrity safety system and features a gravity-close blade and force-disconnect proving contacts. A ‘SIL3’ version is available which, when correctly wired to a Lasermet Interlock Control System can provide a safety interlock which meets Safety Integrity Level 3 to EN 61508.

As standard the LS-20 uses an internal beam dump for lasers up to 20W. However, the shutter blade can be fitted with a dielectric mirror and used with an external beam dump allowing it to be used with multi-kilowatt lasers. Threaded input and output apertures allow beam tubes to be fitted. An anti-rotation slot is included. Fixings allow use with metric or imperial optical breadboards.

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