13 August 2010

Subcon Laser at the Cutting Edge for 21 years

Most people will remember their 21st birthday for one reason or another, Subcon Laser certainly will, after it has emerged from one of the most dramatic and deep hitting recessions ever to hit the manufacturing industry.

So what has set Subcon Laser apart from the rest of the pack, what's the secret to their success and survival when so many other companies have failed?

Perhaps it is their attention to customer service, not to be mistaken with the superficial,sycophantic "have a nice day" attitude that prevails in a lot of companies, which on the surface is all very well but actually means very little. On the other hand if your staff have years of experience, coupled with an in depth fundamental product knowledge then good customer service becomes engrained into the company philosophy. This is certainly the case at Subcon Laser where the average length of current service of its employees, is averaging an astonishing 12 years per employee. This knowledge and understanding of it's customers requirements has enabled the Nuneaton based company to become one of the largest independent laser cutting service companies in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1989 by husband and wife team Bill & Christine Brown, who still spearhead the company, Subcon Laser Cutting has grown from a small unit, four employee enterprise on the Trident Business Park, to it's impressive, modern manufacturing facility on the Bermuda Industrial Estate with a multi million pound turnover. During it's 21 year journey it has also picked up numerous awards along the way, from "Small Business of the Year" to "Best Subcontractor" at the International Subcontracting Industry Awards at the NEC.

However you do not last for 21 years in this industry by just offering exceptional customer service and winning awards, technical ability is very important as is specialist expertise. Tom Mongan General Manager at Subcon Laser points out that part of Subcon's success is down to process knowledge. Subcon started as a dedicated laser cutting company by its MD Bill Brown, who was himself a service engineer for a well know laser machine manufacturer, so in short Mr Brown could basically dismantle a laser cutting system and then rebuild it from scratch. Tom Mongan continues "If you are not comfortable in what you are doing and the technology you are using then it will show and you end up letting your customer down, either in the service you offer or the product you supply."

So the question then, is there not a lot of competition within the laser cutting industry? The answer from the staff at Subcon is a resounding yes and well, no. Yes there are quite a number of sheet metal companies and steel stockholders that have a laser cutting system, they will have also sent their staff on the laser system manufacturers obligatory 2 week training course, but they will still fundamentally lack the experience and technical knowledge that 21 years of laser cutting all types of materials from wood to stainless steel, acrylic to armour plate can bring.

As Subcon Laser celebrates its 21st birthday year, it looks forward to inviting customers old and new to an open day to be held later in the year. Apart from a vast selection of laser cut items that will be on display, Subcon will also be demonstrating the extraordinary advancements in laser cutting and scanning technology. For further details or information please contact Tom Mongan at Subcon Laser on 024 7664 2221 or email him at the address below.

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