26 August 2010

Two Machines delivered from MACH 2010

Wood-burning stove manufacturer and vitreous enamellers, A J Wells & Sons Ltd from the Isle of Wight have ordered and taken delivery of two machines directly from the recent Mach 2010 exhibition, a Bystronic Byspeed 3015 4.4kW Laser cutting machine together with a Bystronic Xpert 150Tonne X 3 Metre Ten axis Pressbrake.

The purchase comes at a time when the company has seen record growth in sales of their ‘Charnwood’ wood-burning stoves and therefore investment in the very latest technology became essential in order to increase production and meet demand.

The Byspeed machine can cut holes at up to 600 holes per minute and cut up to 25mm material if necessary. A J Wells specifically ordered the machine with an automatic nozzle changer that was being demonstrated for the first time in the UK at the Mach exhibition. The nozzle changer, together with single head cutting technology, allows materials of various gauges to be cut without down time and in lights out situations.

Using this system, up to 40 nozzles can be exchanged within a time of merely 15 seconds without any manual action being necessary. The user benefits through the greater autonomy of the laser cutting system, since fewer operator interventions are required. And since the optimal nozzle is automatically selected for every cutting plan, the flexibility is increased and the process reliability and the quality of the parts are improved. Furthermore, a monitoring function ensures trouble-free nozzle changing.

The intention is that, ideally next year, the laser machine would be complemented with a Material tower store, allowing up to 75 Tonnes of material to be stored, automatically loaded into the machine and then fed back cut for storage or unloaded for use.

The increased cutting capacity has been further supplemented by the installation of the Xpert Pressbrake. Operations Director Guy Wells commented "the Bystronics automatic sheet lifting facility and its improved accuracy over other machines helped make the decision that this was the correct machine for our company. The speed and efficiency at which it worked was also a deciding factor in our choice. "The Xpert Pressbrake is equipped with a bending aid, which lifts and supports the material during the bending Hydraulic tool clamping, allowing tools to be changed in seconds and the latest control from Bystronic which has a database enabling previously bent material to be formed with almost no correction.

A J Wells & Sons Ltd manufacture the ‘Charnwood’ brand of wood-burning Stoves and produce vitreous enamelled signage and architectural cladding for customers including London Underground and the National Railways.

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