7 September 2010

Dentaurum and concept laser begin exclusive cooperation

The Dentaurum Group, which leads the way in the field of non-precious metal alloys, and Concept Laser, a company which belongs to the Hofmann Innovation Group and is a pioneer in the field of generative metal laser fusing technology, will work together in future exclusively in the segment of laser fusing of dental alloys.

As part of this cooperation, both companies agreed to provide and market high-quality CoCr alloys which have been approved for use with the LaserCUSING® method. The patented and clinically tried-and-tested non-precious metal alloy remanium® Star, which has previously been used as an alloy in the form of cast cylinders and as a blank milling workpiece, is now also exclusively available as remanium® Star CL as a laser-fusable alloy powder through Concept Laser. The LaserCUSING® method can be used with remanium® Star CL powder to manufacture both small caps and bridgework in an extremely economical fashion. The products which are fabricated in this way meet the requirements of the German Medical Devices Act (DIN EN ISO 9693 / DIN EN ISO 22674 ).

Certificates are provided when the materials are delivered to Concept Laser customers. Further powder materials for use in dental applications are currently being prepared. Tried-and-tested materials for producing dental crowns and bridgework from Dentaurum are the key to high-quality dental prostheses and ultimately a high level of patient satisfaction. The alloys from the pioneer in non-precious metal alloys, Dentaurum, guarantee a supreme level of quality. "It goes without saying for us that we want to employ the know-how which we have built up over many decades in the field of dental materials so that we can also develop optimally adapted materials for new technologies such as LaserCUSING®. Thanks to this alliance, we will be able to ensure that customers are able to derive the maximum benefit from the fields of expertise of both partners," says Mark S. Pace, managing director of the Dentaurum Group.

"The development of the unique LaserCUSING® technology underlines our claim of being at the cutting edge in the field of laser fusing. This patented, top class system technology has been exported throughout the world since 2000. As a result of the cooperation with Dentaurum, we hope to establish more of a presence in the dental market. But what counts here above all else is the trust that customers have in a high-quality medical product which we are now able to offer with remanium® Star CL from Dentaurum," says Frank Herzog, managing director of Concept Laser, commenting on the cooperation.

To begin with, several joint seminars with live demonstrations of this production method are planned for the autumn of 2010. The seminars will be supplemented by reports detailing everyday experiences in the laboratory.

ES Technology Limited, has since 2008 been the exclusive United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland distributor for Concept Laser’s Additive Manufacturing systems. ES Technology is responsible for the sales, marketing and support of Concept Laser’s systems within these territories

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