24 September 2010

Hamamatsu Photonics 20 Milliwatt Single Mode CW Laser Diode

Hamamatsu Photonics introduce a brand new 20mW CW laser diode, the LC0293, with a peak emission wavelength of 763nm. This new laser diode is a lateral single mode type, with an emission area of just 1µm x 5µm, designed specifically for use in oxygen monitoring applications.

The LC0293 uses a distributed feedback (DFB) structure, which allows for a very narrow line width; a maximum spectral radiation half bandwidth of just 1 picometer. The new diode also features very long lifetime characteristics, and is available in a 9mm CD package.

This new single mode laser diode will be of interest for any application where a reliable light source for oxygen monitoring is required.

Hamamatsu also offer a range of laser bar devices, supplied either as bare diodes, or provided as a module, with CW powers up to 60 Watts per bar and a choice of water cooling, peltier cooling or Hamamatsu’s patented funryu cooling technology. Stacked bar arrays (with up to several Kilowatts output power), fibre-optic coupling and a choice of other wavelength laser diodes are all available to specific customer request.

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