12 November 2010

WEC Group new investment

WEC Group’s laser division has seen a year of tremendous growth despite the economic downturn. To take advantage of this WEC Laser, comprising Laser Engineering UK in Darwen and 5750 Components in Liverpool, has purchased a number of new machines to expand capability and increase capacity.

The Group has taken receipt of a new Trumpf 4m x 2m 7Kw laser cutting machine, the first of its kind in the UK. This machine adopts single-head technology leading to reduced set-up times, increased productivity and ultimately cost-reduction for the customer. The 7Kw enables the machine to cut thicker material; up to 30mm and with new software and linear drive technology in place, an increase in cutting speeds is visible.

This follows the recent purchase of an Adige LT722D tube cutting machine which provides a 20% higher production rate than normally experienced in the field combined with a unique level of flexibility and automatic adjustments. This feature makes it suitable for both small batches and large runs. With capacities up to 152mm and maximum lengths up to 6500mm, the Adige also provides fully automatic bar handling from bundle including measuring, feeding, cutting and unloading.

The capacity at the Group’s site in Liverpool benefited from investment having moved from 2 to 3 flat-bed, and a new single-head laser, leading to an increase in capacity and the move from a two shift system to three. In 2010 alone, the group has invested over £1.5 million in new machines across its laser division including the purchase of a new press brake, 3m long and 130 tonne.

Continuous investment in new technology is the key to the laser division’s dramatic growth over the past few years. This coupled with the build of a new 26,000 square foot facility back in 2009 enables WEC Laser, to compete at the highest level.

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