22 November 2010

Not all CO2 lasers are the same.....

Laser Beam Products have recently helped several customers using TEA (Transversely Excited Atmospheric) CO2 lasers, which are a PULSED CO2 laser type. Not realising that the term "CO2 laser optics" often refers to mirrors designed for the far more common CW (Continuous Wave) laser types (fast axial flow, slab discharge etc) the standard mirrors they sourced completely failed within a few seconds due to the very high laser pulse energies. After waiting several months for delivery, a few seconds ofuse was disappointing!

Our Gold coating withstands both high power CW and MegaWatt pulsed TEA lasers. We were able to take the used failed mirrors, remove the remains of the ablated dielectric coating, and then Gold coat them.

Interestingly the first true high power TEA CO2 laser was developed in Baldock, England, just 5 miles away from our factory here in Biggleswade.
Our Gold coated Copper mirrors have been independently certificated as having an LIDT of 46J/cm2 in a 80ns pulse.

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