29 November 2010

Real-time production monitoring

TruTops Monitor, a Trumpf programme for production control, records and analyses machine data while clearly and continuously displaying machine status. This ensures the most cost-effective use of the machines and not just those carrying the Trumpf brand.

The programme gathers machine data from all workstations – from downtime to alarms, error messages to causes of malfunctions, breaks and even maintenance time. It also allows different recording options to be customized.

On Trumpf machines, the process is normally performed automatically via the machine control system. In machines from other suppliers, data can also be automatically recorded through a standard workstation interface. In addition, the data can be manually entered using dialogue fields or a barcode scanner so that feedback from the operator can also be included.

As soon as the machines generate data, updates on their status are displayed on TruTops Monitor. Any disruption is therefore immediately visible. The entire production line is monitored in real-time so that appropriate action can be taken to minimise the problem. In addition, the information stored in the database can be called up at any time and webcams can be integrated to provide remote error diagnosis.

Users may select which data TruTops Monitor records, analyses and displays. At the push of a button, the user-friendly programme initially creates standard analyses in a pre-configured diagram format. This can be adapted to a particular time frame or for the analysis of one machine or all machines; workstations may be grouped, for example, by cost centres. TruTops Monitor then displays the results as a bar graph, pie chart, progression curve or in any other format the user wishes.

Because the software can directly disclose all alarms and status signals, a truly in-depth and immediate analysis of this information is now possible. The 10 most frequent error messages appear automatically on the screen. In addition, a filter system allows users to query many other issues and to deselect others permanently. TruTops Monitor therefore provides a comprehensive database for process improvements.

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