5 January 2011

Customers saving thousands with unique laser mirror return and repair service

Laser Beam Products (LBP), the UK’s largest manufacturer of infra red mirrors, has seen a big upswing in orders for its laser mirror return and repair service. Our 'good as new' mirror reworking service is unique in the market and is proving to be increasingly popular. We offer customers a real alternative to buying new - they can cut costs by repairing their existing mirrors, whilst maintaining quality and productivity,’ explains MD Mark Wilkinson.


LBP take a customers’ Copper or Silicon mirrors that may be old or lightly damaged, assess them free of charge to see if repairs are possible, repair the mirrors to a condition that is as good as new and return them to the customer. This service is particularly effective for customers with water-cooled, large or unusual shaped mirrors and allows customers to re-use their own valuable materials such as Copper and Silicon. This kind of recycling can contribute towards ISO14000 certification as well as saving on costs.

Mark believes that the current climate of cost-cutting has helped boost sales of his repair service and is forecasting further growth in 2011. ‘We have received orders from a wide range of customers including University research departments, automotive manufacturers, laser welders and laser manufacturers and enquiries are increasing. We’re really pleased with the growth in sales as customers realise the value of reworking their own old or damaged mirrors rather than buying new.‘


Recently, one customer saved $15,000 by reworking their used mirrors  instead of buying new. A large European automotive manufacturer sent LBP a collection of used mirrors that had been damaged with burns or scratches. The large, water cooled beam delivery mirrors were repolished and recoated in less than three weeks, and returned to the customer as good as new. The customer was delighted and has since placed several more orders for mirror repairs. He told LBP ‘The last mirrors you reworked for us worked perfectly they are better than the new ones.’

Mark is also keen to stress that LBP will only repair and return the customers’ own mirrors. ‘We are not in the business of taking old/used mirrors and repairing them to sell on…this is a specialised service to enable customers to save valuable time, cost and materials by repairing and reworking their own mirrors.’

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