13 January 2011

Lase: datalogic automation's new laser platform projected to the future

In order to respond to the high demanding industrial laser market requirements Datalogic Automation has developed the “Lase” platform.

The V-Lase is characterised by providing:

  • Autodiagnistic, self testing procedure, and diagnostic remote control
  • Safety and power control - the Mechanical Shutter and Power Meter on board
  • Dedicated software V-Lase config for monitoring source - enables the constant monitoring of all key laser parameters that guarantees the stability and efficiency of the product.

The excellent beam quality, high peak power and short pulse width of the V-Lase allows material interaction of the molecular structure of a material area without affecting the material as a whole.

Datalogic Automation adds products and features to the Green family of its Diode Pumped Solid-State laser sources (DPSS). The Green-Lase laser source operates on the Lase platform. The source operates in a Q-Witch regime in single-transverse mode (TEM00) with air-cooling system.

The Green-Lase of Datalogic Automation is characterized by providing:

  • High pulse-to-pulse energy stability
  • Spatial resolution
  • Temperature control of the SHG crystal on board

The laser is based on the mechanic optical architecture of Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Intracavity technology. Green-Lase can be easily integrated in production line for the automotive industries as well as particular applications like solar cell scribing, LCD Scribing and Semiconductor wafer dicing.

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