16 February 2011

Where wood meets metal - first user groups acress Planit brands

For the first time, metalworkers and woodworkers got together at a number of venues around England, Scotland and Ireland to hear development plans from the company that provides their CNC machining software solutions – Planit.

In previous years, the software users had only attended meetings regarding the particular Planit brand that drives their CNC machines – Radan, Alphacam, Cabinet Vision or Edgecam. But as many companies are now using a combination of those software solutions, it was decided to hold corporate events to launch the 2011 releases of each brand, to show users the other brands, and to involve customers in constant research and development. Numerous items of functionality in each software brand have come from previous user meetings and customer testing.

Hundreds of sheet metal workers, metal machinists, wood machinists and cabinet makers were told the Planit Software group had emerged from the recession in a strong position and that the CAD/CAM market was now stronger than in 2005, 2006 and 2009, heading back to the heights of 2007 and 2008. They heard about the group’s development plans including acquisitions and recruitment, along with advances to its already renowned technical support and professional services.

Then they divided into individual brand meetings for tips and tricks on using their specific wood or metal software to increase productivity and reduce wastage even further.

Amongst the highlights to emerge at the sessions:

  • Digital prototyping for design, visualisation and simulation
  • New improved support portals
  • Downloadable releases of software
  • Information about how bespoke solutions can provide additional streamlining for manufacturing processes
  • Training upgrades available
  • Technical response to 80% of calls within 2 hours
  • Tips on how to manipulate items in Part Modeler
  • Tips on improving productivity
  • 100 new Radan customers in the previous 12 months.

And the verdict on their Alphacam, Radan, Edgecam and Cabinet Vision software and support packages, from metalworkers and woodworkers who attended the sessions: “Overall, a good package, and I prefer it to other similar software I use.” “Very happy with the technical support – it’s a big help as they understand not only the software, but our business.” “One of the best, all very good.” “Excellent product – much better than the CAM system we used to have.” “Very impressed with the remote log-in which answered four separate enquiries in one call.”

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