12 April 2011

Laser Beam Products excels in production of parts with unique and difficult specifications

Laser Beam Products (LBP), the UK’s largest manufacturer of infra red mirrors, is offering great value to customers who have a requirement for mirrors with odd or unusual features. “One of the benefits we can offer customers is the development of one-off, unusual shaped or sized mirrors for a reasonable price, without excessive set-up charges,” explains Managing Director Mark Wilkinson. “Over the years we have produced a wide range of non-standard parts for many applications including prototypes for research and development. Looking back over the last 20 years we now have an impressive collection of case studies and experience to draw on.”

Laser Beam Products have repaired and manufactured thousands of different parts, many of which are unique. Examples include mirrors with central holes, concave cone mirrors, convex cones, copper mirrors with grooves, gas cells, gold cubes, lipstick mirrors, mirrors with mounts, stainless steel prisms, conical mirrors, dental mirrors, cassegrain mirrors, tungsten mirrors and even mirrors for use on board ships. More detail is available on the LBP website, .

Mark and his team relish the challenge of a ‘difficult’ specification and because of their unique manufacturing techniques can offer great value for one-off or unusual designs. They work closely with customers to ensure exactly the right specification is achieved and help and advice are freely available.

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