12 April 2011

Order acquisition recovers to the pre-crisis levels in the fourth quarter 2010 orders were 83.6 million China and North America the most dynamic markets

Prima Industrie S.p.A, a leader in high technology laser systems, sheet metal working systems and electronic components for industrial applications, recorded in 2010 an order acquisition of 271.8 million Euros, with a growth of about 30% over the year 2009.

In particular in the fourth quarter of the year the order collection (83.6 million Euros) recorded an increase of over 40% against the same period of 2009. With a monthly average of 28.5 million Euros, this represents the best result ever for a quarter since mid 2008, that is before the worsening of the worldwide economic crisis.

During the last quarter of the year, the geographic break down highlights the considerable weight of China which represents about 11% of the amount collected (such amount would grow to 23% considering also the orders acquired by the non consolidated Chinese JVs), and the strong recovery of the North-American market (about 26% of the total orders collected).

As remarked by the Chairman and C.E.O., Gianfranco Carbonato: “It is a result that has a double positive value. The recovery of orders to the pre-crisis level for two months in a row is a very important signal of turnaround. Moreover the fact that these orders are coming from new markets rewards our choice to further focus our presence in higher growth potential areas”

Therefore the Group starts the year 2011 with a backlog of 82.3 million Euros, increasing by over 26% against 65.1 million Euros as at 1/1/2010.

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