13 April 2011

Lowest cost, most compact fibre lases in wavelengths beyond 1700nm

Laser Lines Ltd is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the UBQ-7810 Ultra-Compact Fibre Laser. Designed by Ubiquilight and manufactured by our partner Diode Laser Concepts, the UBQ-7810 offers product developers the lowest-cost, most compact fibre lasers in wavelengths beyond 1700nm for high-volume applications.

Advanced Optical Multi-Resonator Technology
Ubiquilight fibre laser modules are by far the smallest commercially available mid-IR fibre lasers. These paradigm-shifting devices extend wavelength range and improve wavelength stability in applications that require maximum power in miniscule footprint, minimum cost 1700nm and greater wavelength devices. These advantages are founded on patented Optical Multi-Resonator (OMR) methods and technologies available exclusively from Ubiquilight.

  • Ultra-compact micro-fibre laser with Ubiquilight Optical Multiresonator design
  • Astounding thermal properties: ambient operating temperatures of 0-70° C with no thermoelectric cooler and wavelength variations of a mere +/-5nm
  • Emission wavelength of 1925nm
  • Typical output of 3mW at 100mA drive current
  • Circular, low divergence output beam
  • Ready for free space or fibre coupled applications

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