13 April 2011

The University of Manchester Runs Laser Technology KT Breakfast Workshop to Industry

On 4 March 2011, 22 industrialists from 19 companies attended a workshop on laser surface engineering, laser marking and the future of fibre lasers, funded by the KE-LAS (Knowledge Exchange in Laser Engineering) programme. The workshop was billed as a ‘technology breakfast’ in a location to attract companies in Lancashire and areas north of Manchester and lasted 2 hours, including breakfast. The speakers were

  • Dr Zhu Liu of The University of Manchester University: laser surface engineering
  • Dr Wei Guo of The University of Manchester University: laser marking and engraving
  • Mr Stan Wilford of IPG Photonics: high power fibre lasers

In addition, Dr David Whitehead of The University of Manchester laser-marked pens for all delegates who attended, with their names, as a demonstration of the speed and convenience of laser marking.
The event was well received, measured by the fact that around two thirds of the audience stayed behind after the presentations for 1-2-1 conversations with University staff, and by the companies interested in engaging with the university.

Most companies attended had no prior knowledge or experience in laser processing technology. As a result of promotion for the workshop many companies are discussing with the University for Various Forms of collaboration to develop laser technology for their applications.

IPG Photonics were also asked to give a quotation for a laser marking machine for oil transportation equipment.

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