13 April 2011

Vigorous Recovery in Laser Materials Processing

The global market for laser systems for materials processing accounted for US-$ 7.9 billion (€ 5.9 billion) in 2010, according to the annual survey by Optech Consulting. As compared to the US-$ 5.3 billion (€ 3.8 billion) reached in 2009 this corresponds to an increase of 49% (55%).

After the historic slump in the crisis year 2009 the growth in 2010 was not fully sufficient to take the market back to its former record high of US-$ 9.4 billion (€ 6.4 billion) reached in 2008. Market growth in 2010 was especially spurred by strong demand for lasers and laser systems for micro processing, with applications in the manufacturing of semiconductors, printed wire boards, flat panel displays, and solar cells.

Fiber lasers could further gradually increase their market share and enjoyed more than average market growth. Geographically, the Asian market, particularly China, showed a remarkable increase. Demand growth was also spurred by a vigorous recovery in the segment of standard laser-processing machines such as laser flat sheet cutters. The positive market environment lead to a healthy double-digit revenue increase for the major laser and laser system manufacturers.

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