14 April 2011

Lasermet's ADM1000 Laser Power Meter samples at 1MHz

The ADM1000 is a hand held, easy-to-use high performance laser power meter with a sampling rate of 1MHz and can measure peak power down to a few microseconds. This enables user to view waveforms and determine the power output of pulsed waveforms up to 400kHz in oscilloscope mode.
As the ADM1000 is calibrated – traceable to national standards – it can be used to accurately measure laser power outputs repeatedly.

Users of the meter are able to achieve excellent results especially when used with the relevant heads. For example, when measuring strobe light from a high powered LED source, the integrating sphere head is ideal as users can make full use of the measurement feature to examine the pulsed waveform. The high frequency response enables users to see the waveform edges and these can be measured on the screen.

The cursor facility enables users to select any number of points on single or multiple waveforms and determine the energy under the curve. Complex and irregular shapes can be selected to measure energy, power or time. Consequently, the ADM 1000 can measure peak power, average power as well as energy. This is an ideal tool for use in development of laser or high power LED systems. It is portable, powered by a rechargeable 4.8V NiMH battery lasting up to 7 hours.

A range of heads is available, each of which is automatically detected by the ADM1000:-
compact photodiode heads, integrating sphere photodiode heads and the patented thermal heads.
The thermal head enables the meter to measure extremely accurate readings due to the Patented Accelerator Circuit and the Patented Thermal Stabilisation Electronics. The latter massively reduces drift and thermal interference. (Peltier Temperature Compensation UK Patent number 2447294, European Patent Number 08250712.0 and ADI Head Interface Patent Number 09250671.6).

Standard photodiode heads are supplied with integrating spheres to reduce reflections to a minimum and for easy alignment and high accuracy, and the compact photodiode head is designed for limited spaces with no integrating sphere, the head depth being just 25mm.
The specialist design team at Lasermet developed the ADM1000 in response to customer demand for a laser power meter that is responsive, accurate, stable, easy-to-use and affordable.

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