5 May 2011

In-house fiber laser cell enhances product development and testing capabilities

Laser Mechanisms recently installed a Fiber Laser cell at its Novi, Michigan, facility for the purpose of enhancing overall product development and testing capabilities. Equipped with a 3 kW Fiber Laser and multiple articulating robots, the light-safe enclosure also provides Laser Mechanisms' engineering group an in-house resource to speed the design process and reduce costs by eliminating the inefficiencies of working with an outside lab.

"With all of the success of our recent product introductions for Fiber Lasers, the last thing we want to do is rest on our laurels," said Laser Mechanisms' CEO Bill Fredrick. "Investing in an in-house, Fiber Laser cell gives us a valuable tool to continue innovation while at the same time refining our existing product lines," added Fredrick.

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