5 May 2011

Automatic slag removal

It’s quick, clean, time-saving and highly effective. Thanks to a new process, the new Trumpf TruTool TSC100 slat cleaner removes accumulated slag thoroughly resulting from stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium laser processing.

Not only are the slats cleaned on the sides but also in the hard-to-reach spaces in between. The result is an outstandingly clean flatbed laser machine.

The TruTool TSC100 automatically adapts to different slag thicknesses and the operator can move the tool up to the pallet frame. It is easy to handle and comfortably operated by one person. And on flatbed laser machines with a pallet changer, cleaning can be in parallel to production.

Clean slats are important to the process stability of the laser cutting machine. If slag is allowed to build up not only is the quality of the process compromised but so too is the quality of the finished part. As the TruTool TSC100 makes the job so easy, there’s no need to let this happen.

The Trumpf TruTool TSC100 can be used on practically all conventional flatbed laser machines with laser power up to 7kW, enabling slats to be cleaned several times before replacement becomes necessary. This can yield substantial cost savings when compared to manual slag removal.

Until the end of June 2011, the TruTool TSC100 is available at the special introductory price of £2,200.

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