6 June 2011

Laserdyne Systems now part of Prima Power

On March 22, 2011, Prima Industrie, the parent company of Laserdyne Systems, announced a major re-branding initiative that has led to organization of the Group into two divisions: Machinery (Prima Power) and Components (Prima Electro).

With the acquisition of Finn-Power Group three years ago and the subsequent integration of the two companies, Prima Industrie has become the third largest laser and sheet metal machinery manufacturer in the world. Today, we have direct presence in 20 countries and activities in more than 60 countries.

What will change? Our logo will change and our name will change from Prima North America to Prima Power Laserdyne. Our new logo will appear on business cards, stationery, purchase order templates, presentation templates and products, to name a few. E-mail addresses will also change to reflect the new company name. Soon, the sign on our property will also reflect the new logo and company name.

What will not change is our commitment to quality products and services. We will continue to work to make the Laserdyne and Prima brands the standard for precision, multi-axis laser processing systems and, in doing so, grow our business throughout the world. For our suppliers, this means greater opportunity. For our customers, this means more products that can be used to help solve your manufacturing needs.

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