15 July 2011

Carrs embrace battery technology

Battery power is all the rage, fast, efficient and Carr’s Welding Technologies have been involved in various projects.

Carr's are welding components for several battery cell projects, for 2 all electric vehicles and various energy recovery systems.

Good at welding copper and aluminium with their lasers, Carr’s can weld interconnects to lithium ion cells with only a small increase in temperature. Keeping the cell under 85C is crucial if the battery is to maintain its working life and performance.
Carr's are so impressed with the technology that they have bought their own electric vehicle. A Mitsubishi IMiev . Carr’s deliver to customers and collect materials in the IMiev, which is ideal for light loads and the car is really cheap to run, about 1p a mile. 

Battery components that need welding, but must not to get too hot? 

Ring: Carr’s 01536 412828

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