15 July 2011

LVD Smart Crowning system provides additional crowning axis for better bending accuracy regardless of material variation

LVD Company nv now offers Smart Crowning, a programmable crowning V-axis system, for its line of PPEB-H Series and Easy-Form® Series press brakes. Smart Crowning provides an additional independent crowning axis on top of a conventional V-axis to automatically compensate for asymmetric variations in material thickness and material properties and thus assure bending accuracy over the entire length of a work piece.

A press brake’s crowning system ensures the ram and table are parallel during the bending process. Traditional crowning tables compensate for the symmetric deflection of the press via a single V-axis and are ideal when material properties are the same over the length of the part. When properties are inconsistent (particularly with heavier or longer work pieces), Smart Crowning provides an additional axis that allows for additional independent asymmetric compensation.

LVD’s Smart Crowning system uses Smart Segments and Smart Actuators that operate individually to provide independent compensation. Smart Segments are mechanically connected in a ‘caterpillar’ linking configuration so it’s impossible to program an inappropriate step in crowning which prevents damage to the crowning table and tooling.

In automatic mode Smart Crowning in conjunction with Easy-Form® Laser measures angles at several points along the length of the sheet under pressure, up to a maximum of 16 points. Material spring-back is then measured in the center of the press brake and values for individual Smart Crowning actuators are identified (see figure 1). The Smart Crowning system then adjusts to provide an accurate bend angle over the complete work piece length.

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