1 August 2011

New Scrappage Scheme from Purex

Scrappage Scheme
We have just launched a brand new scrappage scheme, so if you have an old fume extractor on site which is on it's last legs then you can trade it in for a shiny new Purex machine. You can trade in old Purex machines as well as machines made by other manufacturers.

Also, if you have an old fume extractor which you cannot get parts or filters for anymore then now is a good time to consider a new machine. Contact us for more information on this innovative deal.

New Brochure
Our new full colour fume extraction brochure is now available to download. It contains our full range of equipment for coding & marking, soldering, laser engraving and printing. Download here

50 Tip Machine Launched
The new Purex 200i-HP has been specifically designed to cater for up to 50 people soldering by hand. The system removes hazardous fumes from the workers breathing zone by extracting the fume as it is formed on the soldering iron tip but without cooling the tip.

The 200i-HP also includes patented filter technology to deliver better performance and longer filter life when using lead free solder. The machine comes complete with...

  • Two Labyrinth pre-filters
  • A newly designed main filter with HEPA and Activated Carbon Filtration specifically for lead free solder.
  • and a free pipework connection kit.

For more information please see page 19 of our new brochure

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