5 August 2011

Bystronic's Fiber Laser Machine - UK Launch

Bystronic UK reported on a successful launch of their BySprint Fiber Laser machine, 45 people attended the event in Coventry and Bystronic receive 2 orders for machines on the day.

The new system is based on the successful machine concept of the BySprint Pro and is equipped with the Fiber 2000 fiber laser. The main benefits of the Fiber Laser source are; a reduction of electrical power consumption of between 50% to 66% compared with other Laser machines, no routine servicing of the Laser power source and increased cutting speeds with a quality cut of up to 50 meters per min! The BySprint Fiber 3015 is the swift sprinter in the Bystronic range. In particular in the thin sheet metal range up to four millimeters.

The machine offers high flexibility: In addition to steel, stainless steel and aluminum, non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass can also be processed with high precision and security. Thanks to the high energy efficiency, the BySprint Fiber is also exceptionally environmentally friendly when cutting. The transport of the laser beam to the cutting head takes place via a passive fiber and not as with CO2 lasers via a deflection mirror. The resulting simple beam path combined with the undemanding high-tech fiber laser source and the mature machine technology, result in much reduced operating and service costs. The laser source is integrated in the control cabinet giving the BySprint Fiber an exceptionally small footprint.

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