19 August 2011

New active laser safe window

BFi OPTiLAS is pleased to announce the new Laser Safe Window from LaserVision, an expert in laser safety products and a company committed to improving the protection of technicians in danger of being exposed to the harmful effects of laser beams.

With commonly used filter materials, complete laser safety is difficult to achieve due to the constantly increasing laser power and beam quality of modern disc and fibre lasers. In most cases common laser safety windows do not reach the protection rating by the laser safety guidelines.

The new patented active cabinet window solves this problem in an ideal and easy way by integrating the implemented electronic into the safety circuit of the laser system. In the event that a laser beam hits the window and a sufficient part of the radiation couples into the sensor in the window frame, the laser will be shut-down immediately before radiation leaks from the back side of the window. Incredibly this system is totally insensitive against scattered and process light.

This offers the user a complete, safety-certified system which is in accordance to mechanical engineering regulation. When combined with active barrier systems a certifiable safety solution for industrial high power laser installations, in the wavelength range between 820-1100 nm, is now available from LaserVision.


  • Available in 2 standard dimensions: approx. 23“ x 35.5“ and 267mm x 390mm (DIN A3)
  • Complete system with frame
  • Easy integration into safety circuits
  • CE Certified safety
  • Ideal for automated manufacturing cells
  • Typical switching time: 8ms
  • Wavelength range: 820 – 1080 nm
  • Stable and easy setup
  • 9x larger area compared to mineral glass windows
  • tested with 16kW fibre laser

Certification based on:

DIN EN 60825-4:2009-06 for the active wall module with window
DIN EN 207:2010-04: for the filter material P1P01
DIN EN 954-1 (Cat.4/SIL3) for the sensor LaserSpy®

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