13 September 2011

How LaserQuote from Idronic Saves Money

LaserQuote manufacturing is designed specifically for the small to medium size metal fabrication job shop. We cover all aspects of running your manufacturing operation.

The process of generating quotes actually carries a quantifiable cost with it. LaserQuote handles this process in a very efficient way and allows extreme productivity to be achieved against traditional methods of quoting and production control.

In average a contract cutting job shop would produce an average of 50 part definitions per weekday. This would take and average of anywhere of up to 30 minutes each depending on the information provided to you. Clearly more then one individual would need to work a 10 hour day to achieve this volume. And the volume is necessary given that the average win rate on a quote is around 50-60%.

So if we work backwards and calculate the cost of producing a quote we end up with something close to $180000 per calendar year for an operation that runs up to two laser cutting machines 24 hours per day 5 days per week, the more machines and hours the greater the number.

LaserQuote manages to half this number, simply by streamlining the quoting process. The interface takes an analytical approach to determining a profitable price for your quotes, which you know it will make you money, is consistent and predictable.

One of our largest clients manages a very successful laser cutting contract cutting businesses here in Australia and they achieved a feat of efficiency via LaserQuote, where they mange to average 80 quotes per day and all the other associated jobs that come with it and keep 5 laser cutting machines and two press brakes running 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

What is most impressive is the fact that all of the above is achieved with only 2 estimators and 2 programmers. And while we are at it the win rate of their quotes is in excess of 85%. Most of their clients use the LaserQuote client interface and monitor their production status, part pricing, delivery status and request for quotations.

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