13 October 2011

Coherent Inc Inaugurates a Showroom and Application Center in Dieburg / Germany

Coherent opens a showroom and laser application center for its Laser Machine Tools in its facility in Dieburg / Germany. This new institution offers access to a Coherent METABEAM laser cutting machine equipped with the field proven Diamond E400 CO2 Laser.The application lab will be tasked with customer consultation for their laser cutting applications, giving guidance for the best suitable laser machine tool. Application center personnel will supply the knowledge and experience to provide excellent cutting results and help customers to find ideally suited parameters to improve their production efficiency.

“The new showroom and application center gives us the opportunity to demonstrate outstanding performance of Coherent laser cutting machines to our customers and partners throughout Europe.” notes Michael Jess, Sales Manager Europe – Laser Machine Tools. “The METABEAM system delivers cutting results of the highest speed and quality combined with higher precision than comparable laser cutting machines. Especially the usage of optically read linear scales with 2µm step on all axes contributes to this unmatched precision. Many of our customers already use versatile automation features, such as shuttle tables, to increase their productivity and to lower their operation costs.”

Operators of large laser cutting machines with multi-kilowatt lasers often produce small parts at costs much higher than the work piece value. Equipped with completely sealed-off, highly efficient and almost maintenance-free CO2 lasers, a Coherent laser cutting machine with operation costs of 2 to 4 Euro per hour is the ideal complement to such large machines. Especially when cutting small and intricate parts, there is typically no productivity gain in using large and high power machines.

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