13 October 2011

Small-sized marking laser for challenging tasks in the electronic industry

Most notably, FOBA C.0100 is small, short and compact: Just tailor-made for the manufacture of electronic components and devices in the electronic industry where space is often scarce.

C.0100 applies microscopic and fine laser marks on equally tiny components: Immediately, in zero-tolerance quality and anytime traceable – just as requested within the industry. FOBA C.0100 applies complex, variable data both on moving and static products and is therefore first choice for the application of permanent marks on electronic devices and boards.

Your product benefits
• Small, short, compact: One-box design, shortest unit on the market
• Easy to integrate: Compact design, flexible software/interfacing concept, multilingual user interface, two beam exit versions
• Main fields of application: Electronic industry (laser marking of boards and electronic devices: transistors, diodes, small ICs)

The integration concept - The small and compact all-in-one solution
FOBA C.0100 is that small and short that it can easily be carried under one‘s arm: Best prerequisites for the fast and smooth integration into tight production lines and electronic test and handling machines.

Mounting screws on all sides of the laser marking system allow for a trouble-free horizontal or vertical assembly. The beam can either exit the system in 0° or 90° direction so that a flexible integration is guaranteed anytime.

With regard to the software, the laser‘s scripting interface with Ethernet and RS232 interface ensures seamless integration even into complex production lines.

• Shortest, most compact unit on the market
• One-box design: easy and fast installation
• Optimal suited for integration into test and handling systems
• Smart system components: focus finder for adjustment of working distance
• 30 % larger working distances compared to conventional systems

The marking fields - Four focusing lenses for various applications
• Graphics see pdf file

The software concept - Versatile, powerful, reliable: FOBA Draw
The intuitive and powerful graphical user interface FOBA Draw ensures user-friendly and flexible operation. FOBA Draw allows for the creation and editing of various laser marking jobs with a variety of available marking formats.

• Ethernet (TCP/IP, 100Mbit LAN), RS232, digital I/Os
• Inputs for encoders and product detector triggers
• I/Os for the signals „start, stop, error, job select (32 different jobs with acknowledge), trigger, encoder; ready to mark, marking, shutter closed“ and machine/user interlocks
• Customer-specific solutions

• Graphics-orientated user interface under WindowsR XP/Vista for the intuitive and fast preparation of complete marking jobs on PCs
• System configuration
• Text/data/graphics/parameter editor
• Configurable in 20 languages, e.g. in German, English, Japanese, Chinese
• Easy access to standard CAD and graphic programs thanks to import functions for the most important file formats (DXF, JPG, AI, etc.)
• Various password-protected security levels

FOBA Draw Com
• ActiveX software interface for integration into operation software
For ultimate flexibility - Various marking formats
• Multiple language fonts
• Machine-readable codes (2D and bar codes)
• Graphics/graphic components, logos, symbols, etc. (the most common formats can be imported)
• Grayscale images and contents
• Complex fillings (hatch, contour and meander)
• Linear, circular and angular text marking; ring writing, rotation, reflection, expansion, compression, horizontal and vertical stretching of marking contents and texts
• Sequence and serial numbering; automatic date, layer, time coding, real-time clock; online coding of individual data

FOBA C.0100 -Technical Data - Components of the marking system
Standard configuration
• Marking unit Includes laser, digital high-speed galvanometer scanners, one lens with lens protection, controller, I/O panel, built-in keypad, power supply, connectors, lamps, switches, focus finder for adjustment of working distance
• Beam exit straight (0°) or 90°
• Marking software FOBA Draw

Laser Sealed CO2 laser, power class 10 W, central emission wavelength 10.6 μm, 4 focusing lenses
Laser class 4 (according to DIN EN 60825-1:2008-05)
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese

• Beam shield
• Exhaust unit
• Product detector
• Pilot laser
• PC or laptop
• User interfaces

Integrated keypad
• Start and stop keys
• LED indicators for status, laser emission, error

Marking software FOBA Draw (configurable in 20 languages, part of standard delivery)
Software interfaces Ethernet (TCP/IP, 100Mbit LAN), RS232, digital I/Os

• Electrical requirements 100 – 120V, 200 – 240V, Autorange 1PH, 350 VA, 50/60 Hz
• Cooling Internally air-cooled
• Ambient temperature 5 – 35 °C
• Humidity range 10 – 90 %, non-condensing
• IP rating IP30
• Weight Marking unit approx. 12.5 kg

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