11 November 2011

New AVS1000 vertical lift stage for precise positioning of large and heavy loads has through aperture

The AVS1000 is the latest addition to Aerotech's comprehensive range of vertical lift and Z-axis micropositioning solutions, and is aimed at precise sub-micron elevation of large and heavy loads for semiconductor manufacture, automated tool alignment, vision inspection and laser micromachining.

With a working height of just 140 mm, the low-profile moving wedge design features a servomotor driven precision ballscrew drive with heavy duty linear motion guide bearings and an overall footprint of 450 mm x 500 mm. Offering a significant performance improvement over traditional horizontal stages used for Z-plane positioning, loads can be directly centred over the bearing system and the straightness of travel characteristics guarantee exceptional table top flatness and overall high acuracy.

The AVS1000 features a large through aperture and is also suited to microscopy or imaging applications where an optical path needs to run completely through the stage or where workholding fixtures can be integrated beneath the top plate to maintain the low working height.

The vertical lift stage has a 135 kg centred payload capability and is available in a choice of 5 mm or custom vertical travel range. With a positioning resolution of five nanometres from a 1000 line rotary encoder, the stage boasts a calibrated accuracy of better than +/- 1.0 micron and up to +/- 0.5 microns bidirectional repeatability.

The aluminium base material for the AVS1000 has a durable black anodised finish for the standard range with alternative electroless nickel finish for ESD protection applications. A cleanroom compatible version is also available as well as vacuum prepared versions for 10-3 or 10-6 torr.

The AVS1000 includes a NEMA 34 motor mounting for use with Aerotech's BMS series brushless and slotless servo motors for smooth cog-free motion. The 1000 line rotary encoder has a choice of line driver or amplified sine wave output to suit the customers resolution requirements.

These stages may be used individually or combined with Aerotech's linear X-Y, rotary and gonimetric stages for a complete multi–axis micropositioning solution. AVS1000 stages can be supplied with standard precision or with Aerotech's HALAR accuracy standard where interferometer measured error correction for accuracy and repeatability is stored in the motion controller as a look-up table. Motion control solutions include PC based software-only or hardware based rack or desk mount packages that combine with advanced motion commands that optimise performance, reduce commissioning times, increase throughput and enable higher quality finished parts or test quality. A wide choice of programming options include RS-274 G-code, AeroBasic™, IEC61131-3, Microsoft .NET Framework and LabVIEW™ for varying levels of advanced software and analytical functionality.

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