11 November 2011

Bystronic 'Come & Try Week'

Bystronic UK regularly hold one or two day Open Houses where customers are invited to come and view machines cutting a range of standard Bystronic Demo Parts.

To try to make the Days more appealing and interesting Bystronic UK decided to lengthen the opening to the full week, plus two late evenings, to give time for customers to just drop in. The Theme of the event was a “Come and Try” week, where customers were invited to arrive with DXF files or drawings, the team of Product specialists would make the part using their Bysoft software, Laser cutting machines and Pressbrakes. The aim was to try to make the part faster and more accurately than the clients existing process.

On top of the try the machine demonstrations, Bystronic ran complete Software demonstration at prescribed times. Taking parts from a CAD files, through Bysoft software to create the laser cutting file through Bybend, generating the complete bending sequence solution for the Pressbrake operation.

By popular demand a Laser Lens Cleaning and maintenance demonstration was repeated, showing the correct way to clean and look after the laser cutting optics during use. Lens life and machine up time has been proven to be increased by regular and correct attention to this so important task. The twenty minute practical presentation was recorded and burnt onto CD should customers who could not attend wish to have a copy free of charge (contact to request a copy).

Bystronics UK Managing Director, David Larcombe commented: “The week was extremely well attended with 82 customers during the week event. The practical format was very well appreciated and will definitely be repeated in the new year“.

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