7 December 2011

Ace precision machining takes delivery of two Laserdyne 795XL seven-axix BeamDirector Systems - expanding the company's laser capacity for serving aerospace and power generation industries

Prima Power Laserdyne, the world leader in precision multi-axis laser machining systems, announced that Ace Precision Machining Corporation, Oconomowoc, WI has taken delivery of two Laserdyne 795XL seven-axis BeamDirector®systems.

This brings the total to nine Laserdyne systems installed at Ace Precision in the last decade. It represents continued facility expansion for the company, notably in the laser processing of components for the aerospace and power generation industries.

Terry L. VanderWert, President of Prima Power Laserdyne, made the announcement stating, “Ace Precision has capitalized on the growth opportunities within industries that have a rapidly expanding need for the latest laser system technology. Delivery of the latest two Laserdyne systems to Ace Precision further validates not only the slow and steady recovery in the manufacturing sector but the robust expansion of turbine engine manufacturing worldwide.”
Ace Precision is an ISO-9001, AS9100 and NADCAP certified contract manufacturer with over 200 employees. The company’s dedication to Laserdyne laser systems include four C02 systems with up to 8 axes of motion, five multi-axis BeamDirector drilling systems with Nd:YAG lasers, and a shuttle-equipped 2D cutting system. These systems give Ace Precision the capacity, flexibility and precision required to produce highly complex combustion chambers, liners, turbine plenums, compressor housings, tailpipe and heat shield assemblies along with other precision engine components that it produces for companies around the world.

“Laserdyne systems are designed for precision multi-axis laser cutting, drilling, and welding systems,” reports Mr. VanderWert. “The combination of the proprietary software, laser process specific sensors, and precision machine tool design ensures the laser systems are capable of maintaining and exceeding the tight tolerance requirements for production of turbine engine components made from nickel and cobalt alloys, stainless steel, and aluminum.”

“Ace Precision’s innovative use of Laserdyne technology has helped both of our companies develop new and improved products and features at a time when there is a pressing need to improve engine fuel savings, reduce engine noise, and pollution. Furthermore, this cooperation has helped both of our companies to be more competitive and expand at a time when many competitors are reducing in size and capability.”

The latest two Laserdyne 795XL systems at Ace Precision are capable of seven axes of motion with a 2m x 1m x 1m (80 inch x 40 inch x 40 inch) work envelope that includes two high accuracy rotary tables and Laserdyne’s latest controller, the S94P. The S94P control, a CNC control designed exclusively for multi-axis laser processing systems, is the basis for numerous unique hardware and software features that lead to improved productivity, process control, and higher quality laser-processed parts.

These systems also feature the third generation BeamDirector. They are referred to as the BeamDirector 3 and are designed and built based on 30 years experience in producing high accuracy moving beam multi-axis laser systems. By virtue of their compact and robust design, the system will provide unmatched access to parts for cutting, drilling, and welding.

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