8 December 2011

Modulated Cobolt Dual CombinerTM 473+594 nm for Optogenetics

UK Distributor, Laser Lines Ltd, is pleased to announce the release of a modulated dualline light engine optimised for high-end Optogenetics research applications from Cobolt.

This version of the Cobolt Dual Combiner offers two attractive emission wavelengths for light-activated proteins; 473nm (up to 50mW) + 594 nm (up to 100mW) from one small box. Through the integrating of a silent SRS shutter, the output beam can be modulated at up to 100 Hz with a very short rise time of <350 μs and with maintained 3% power stability and an RMS noise of <0.3%. Each line can be individually addressed through a software application provided with the lasers, or through RS232/USB communication.

The modulated Cobolt Dual Combiner™ is perfectly suited for Optogenetics applications where high level of power stability and control of the delivered energies are required. The use of Cobolt’s unique HTCure Technology for laser manufacturing provides a very high level of robustness and insensitivity to ambient conditions, which ensures excellent beam overlap and beam pointing stability. The modulated Dual Combiner is also available with any other 2-line combination of the Cobolt 04-01 series lasers.

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