8 December 2011

The New ICS-15XM Laser Safety Interlock from Lasermet

The ICS-15XM laser safety interlock controller is designed for use with multiple inputs to create a sophisticated interlock system to prevent users being inadvertently exposed to laser beams. The system provides laser safety protection monitoring many switches and doors and disabling the laser if any of these switches are open. Designed for long-term service, the ICS-15XM is not processor controlled and therefore does not have the obsolescence issues associated with operating systems, microprocessors and programming languages.

The system comprises of the main unit mounted on the wall of the laser enclosure room together with interconnections to multiple inputs and outputs - all dependent on the particular installation. Its extended capability includes full dual channel architecture including dual safety and emergency stop circuits with separate dual channel control for each circuit.

It is ideal for larger complex interlocks and is adaptable and flexible in its ability to integrate with safety related equipment such as Lasermet’s Active Laser Guarding System and Safety Logic Plus, (the integrated connectivity logic system for laser facility buildings).

The Communications Module enables the controller to be networked so that it can be monitored remotely. The ICS-15XM can be used as either a master or slave controller when used with other Lasermet interlock systems. It is easy to use as it has an “Arm Laser” button which is pressed to arm the laser when all the safety requirements are met, and a “Stop” button which may be pressed to disable the laser. A key lock prevents unauthorised use of the system.

The ICS-15XM can be configured so that some, or all, of the interlock inputs can be overridden to allow suitably qualified personnel to access the laser enclosure. This includes the option of using the Lasermet KP12 keypad that provides a fail-safe timed override controlled by a key code.

Alternatively, Lasermet produce a fail-safe timer module that fits inside the ICS-15XM that can be activated by a pushbutton or keyswitch. The override can also be operated directly without a timer. In normal configuration the Emergency Stop and Master Control signals cannot be overridden.

The system has been designed to comply with Machinery Directive standards for safety control systems and to EN 61508. It is suitable for use as a control system to SIL3 or as a component in a SIL4 system. More details are available at

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